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Corporate Donations


The simplest and most effective way to support Positive Women is through company donations. In addition to helping some of the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged people you can also offset your charitable giving against your company’s corporation tax.

  • For just £47 your company can send a HIV/Aids orphaned child to primary school.
  • £500 would set up and provide on going support for an income generation project.
  • £13,000 would provide a years worth of training for 250 children who have been left to run households and care for younger sibling due to the HIV/Aids crisis.

Gifts in Kind transform your expertise and facilities into support for Positive Women.

Gifts we would welcome include:

  • Venues for events
  • Meeting room space
  • Certain types of office equipment or computers
  • Gifts that we may be able to use as auction or raffle prizes
  • Business skills training

To discuss how your company can support Positive Women, contact us at info@positivewomen.org.