We provide education and social support for children:

  • We support Orphans and vulnerable children through providing school fees, uniforms and emotional support for Orphans and Vulnerable children.
  • We also support these children with the daily challenges they face, to ensure that they can complete school successfully and improve their chances of building a better future for themselves.

Sending a child to school radically improves their life chances in one of the world’s poorest countries.

Education is a key driving factor in creating social mobility. It can make massive change – improving life expectancy, health and income generation. Quite simply, it can save lives.

By sponsoring a child with Positive Women you can help save a life by sending an orphan to primary school. In Swaziland, a country currently with the highest HIV/AIDS infection rate and the world’s lowest life expectancy, support of this kind has never been more crucial.

How you can help

  • Donating £47 can pay for a child’s school fees for one year.
  • £13 will buy a child a uniform to ensure that they are accepted by their peers.
  • Or sign up to give just £5 per month and ensure that we can meet all of the needs of these children.

ways to donate