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Fundraise For Us

There are so many ways you can help, do something amazing for Positive Women.

You can choose to do anything you want to help positive Women, whether it be making the most of an activity you already do or whether you take part in a formalized event. You can make a huge difference to the women and children in Swaziland. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Fundraising ideas for individuals

  1. Sponsorship

    • Get sponsorship for an activity or hobby you already take part in. This could be anything from getting sponsorship for to try to beat your best time for an activity to asking people to guess your time.
    • Challenge yourself – set a goal to achieve a target and get your friends and family to sponsor you.
    • Give up something for PW and raise money at the same time.
    • Take part in a formal event running 5k, 10k or even a marathon.
  2. Hold an informal event

    • A quiz night – this can be anything from a night at your local pub to something as informal as getting your friends together for a fun quiz night at your home.
    • Coffee morning – get your friends around have a chat and raise money for PW at the same time.
    • Throw a games night, a party or host a karaoke night – again this could be at a venue or even at your home with your friends and family.
    • Host a dinner party or BBQ for PW.
    • Make cakes to sell to friends and colleagues.
  3. Raise funds without even leaving home

    • Sell your unwanted items on ebay using our special ebay page or even make something to sell if your talented enough.
    • Hold your own online charity auction for PW.
    • Hold a sale of your unwanted items in your back garden.
    • Hold a clothes swap for you and your friends.
    • Make cakes to sell to friends and colleagues.
  4. Donations in lieu of gifts

    • If you have a special occasion coming up and you are feeling particularly generous ask for donations to PW in lieu of gifts.

Fundraising in your community

If you are part of a group, club or even at work you can get together to raise money for PW.

  • Hold an event.
  • Anything from a diner to an auction, a fete or a sale of food and cakes.
  • Hold a match or team game. Especially if you are part of a sporting team, take on a rival team or company).
  • A dress down day or a theme day.
  • Keep a box for on hand to fine your team mates or colleagues for using bad language.
  • Enter an event as a team – a fun run or competitive event.

And remember to ask your company if they will match the money you raise. Getting started once you’ve chosen your event.

The next step is to advertise your event or get sponsorship. Please see our resources page for poster templates and sponsorship form.

Get yourself an Everyday hero or a Virgin Just Giving Page so people can donate online. Let us know what you are planning to do and we can advertise it on our website and twitter. Also let us know how you get on and we can put your fundraising story on our Team PW page.

For more information or help and advice with your fundraising please contact us at info@positivewomen.org. Please do remember to keep all your activities safe and ensure you meet any legal requirements.