Income Generation

Income generation programmes: Economic empowerment is a powerful tool in ensuring that the communities we work with are able to sustain the changes to their lives and improve their health and well being. We are supporting the establishment of a number of small scale projects that enable the communities to provide food and clothes for their families and the orphan children in these communities.

There are many grassroots initiatives currently waiting for funding, with business ideas that need our training and support to launch their small scale enterprises. These range from livestock and agricultural production businesses, to candle making, polish production and tent renting.

Case Study

We supported a local group of eight women running a candle, glue and polish producing business. During the first 6 months of this business, they generated enough funds to buy agricultural inputs for their communal garden as well as a small amount given to each person for their own use. They used the rest of their profit to buy school uniforms for 62 of the orphans in their community.