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Finalist for Women Social Leadership Awards

Posted: 27th May 2013

Kathryn Llewellyn, founder of Positive Women, is a finalist in the Ogunte social leadership awards. These Awards recognise women in the UK and abroad, influential leaders, connectors, campaigners and social entrepreneurs, who offer innovative and sustainable solutions to pressing social issues, and can evidence their social impact.

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William Good - Running for change

Posted: 13th May 2013

Will Good started supporting Positive Women, when the Amy Cruise Fund was established, after the tragic death of an inspirational woman that was very important to him. Since then Will has undertaken a number of challenges to raise funds to support the work of Positive Women. His latest challenge is running the Edinburgh Marathon. If you want to show your support for Will, then you can sponsor him through the everyday hero fundraising page, or if you want to join Will by taking up challenge for Positive Women, contact us for further information.

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Living on £1 a day for 1 Month

Posted: 10th May 2013

Brother and Sister have taken the challenge to Live below the line to the next level. Many people took up the challenge this year to eat and drink on £1 a day for 5 days. Three people however, have taken this to a while other level and spending 1 month eating and drinking on £1 a day. Laura Reaney completed the challenge last month and her brother and his partner are undertaking the challenge this month. We think they are amazing. You can read about and listen to their journey by following these links.

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Cosmopolitan Magazine - Live Below the Line

Posted: 1st May 2013

Positive Women’s Founder Kathryn took the Live Below the Line challenge for the third year this April. Cosmopolitan Magazine shared Kathryn journey during the challenge, through a series of blogs. Kathryn says “In Swaziland, women and children have no choice but to live there every day with no money and I just don’t think that’s acceptable so I’m damn well going to try and change it”

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Desmond Tutu Shows His Support For PW

Posted: 24th Oct 2012

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, hosts a fundraising event in Cardiff to support Positive Women and two other charities working to fight for women’s rights across Africa. The dinner was a huge success and generating incredible support for the women and children we worked with in Swaziland. After hearing about Positive Women’s work in more detail, Archbishop Tutu said “Positive Women have shown you can make one hell of a difference”

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