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Why your school should get involved

Positive Women is forging links between schools, we want to engage children with the challenges facing their peers in Swaziland. To do this we ask teachers to dedicate some time to discussing the situation in Swaziland with their pupils.

We hope that this raised awareness will inspire the pupils to commit to raise funds to send children to school in Swaziland. Helping the children to understand that an education that they might take for granted as being so important to a child in Swaziland, will hopefully make them not only appreciate their own education but will hopefully inspire them to want to help other children achieve this.

Life for children in Swaziland

Many children in Swaziland are orphans, due to HIV/AIDS. This has resulted in a growing number of children having to take over care of their siblings, in child headed households. Orphans in Swaziland are entitled to a free education if they have the correct certificated (their birth certificate and their parents’ death certificate). However the majority of orphans do not have these and as a result they have to pay for their education. 60% of the population in Swaziland live in an extreme level poverty and as a result the majority of orphans cannot afford to go to school.