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Send a child to school

HIV/AIDS in Swaziland has seen a generation wiped out, leaving children to fend for themselves. This has meant that many children cannot afford the school fees and so have no access to education.

We support Orphans and vulnerable children through providing school fees, uniforms and support for orphans and vulnerable children. We also support these children with challenges they are facing to help ensure that they can complete school successfully and improve their chances of building a better future for themselves.

Just £47 per year will give one child access to primary school and make a huge difference in their lives. While an additional £13 will buy them a uniform for the year to ensure that they are accepted by their peers.

Sending a child to school radically improves their life chances in one of the world’s poorest countries.

Education is a key driving factor in creating social mobility. It can make massive change – improving life expectancy, health and income generation. Quite simply, it can save lives.

By sponsoring a child with Positive Women you can help save a life by sending an orphan to primary school. In Swaziland, a country currently with the highest HIV/AIDS infection rate and the world’s lowest life expectancy, support of this kind has never been more crucial.

How you can help

  • Donating £47 can pay for a child’s school fees for one year.
  • £13 will buy a child a uniform to ensure that they are accepted by their peers.
  • Or sign up to give just £5 per month.