Team PW

Meet Team PW

Positive Women is so lucky to have an incredible team of staff, volunteers and advisors. We would not be able to do the work we do without them.

Siphiwe Hlophe ( Co-founder )

Siphiwe is a long standing campaigner, activist and change maker. In 1999, as a married 40-year-old looking to continue her education in agricultural economics, Siphiwe Hlophe discovered she was HIV positive. As a result, her husband left her and she lost an academic scholarship, but she reacted by co-founding an organization in 2001 called Swazis for Positive Living (Swapol), which aims to fight gender discrimination related to HIV/Aids and help other HIV/Aids victims.

In 2007 Siphiwe was nominated for and won, the Index on Censorship award by RT Hon David Blunkett. Siphiwe has been an activist all of her life fighting for equality and justice. She is an amazingly courageous woman who has made an incredible difference to the lives of women and people living with HIV.

Kathryn Llewellyn ( Co-founder and CEO )

Kathryn has been involved in human rights campaigning and International development management for over nine years. Her experience includes: Executive Director of The GREAT Initiative – a gender rights charity, CEO of Pump Aid- a water and sanitation NGO working in Zimbabwe, Liberia and Malawi, running an innovative campaign called “Live Below the Line” for the Global Poverty Project, leading campaigning NGO Action for southern Africa and working as International Development Director for Global Ethics. Kathryn has one a number of awards including: the Sheila McKechnie conflict resolution award for her campaigning work on democracy in Zimbabwe and an UNTLD award for Social entrepreneurs. Kathryn is also an advisor to Channel four’s Battlefront show, mentoring young campaigners.

Sarah Llewellyn ( Director )

Sarah, Kathryn and their mother Jane first began supporting Orphans and Vulnerable children in Swaziland by setting up a small family run charity in 2005, the children of Swaziland, which later grew to be Positive Women. Following Kathryn meeting fellow co-founder Siphiwe Hlophe, an inspirational woman who having explained the plight of women and children in Swaziland and their heroic efforts to change their own lives, inspired the charity's inception.

They have been driven and determined to support women and children in Swaziland to improve their lives. What started as a charity to send HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children to school has now grown to include programmes including support for HIV /AIDS orphans and child headed households and the communities in which they live, income generation projects, legal rights support and most recently a nutrition garden programme. Kathryn, Sarah and their family have worked voluntarily to run the charity in the past seven years, with the support of many friends, volunteers and supporters. In recent years the charity has continued to grow and Kathryn and Sarah are working to continue to work, alongside Siphiwe to expand the work Positive Women are doing in Swaziland.

Sarah has a background in marketing and so has been invaluable in the promotion of the work of Positive Women. She has been working in schools, supporting children in Wales whilst undertaking her Post Graduate Certificate in Education. More recently she studied law and completed her Legal Practice Certificate.

Stephen Brown ( Political Advisor )

Stephen Brown is the Campaign Manager at the Global Poverty Project where he heads up the national fundraising campaign Live Below the Line and the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign. With 8 years campaigning experience, Stephen has worked with a variety of organisations to create political and social change including Pump Aid, Volunteering England and the National Union of Students. Stephen was formerly a Campaign Director for the Labour Party Leadership election of 2010 and his work has been acknowledged in both campaigns and communications at NUS and at Battlefront, a Channel 4 TV show.

Stephen has been promoting and campaigning on issues related to Swaziland for 8 years.

Yvonne Biggins ( Advocate )

Yvonne is a Director of a start up company whose vision is to revolutionise storytelling. She previously spent 9 years working in marketing and business development roles with leading global companies including Apple and SMART Technologies and before that she taught English in two large secondary schools in West London. Yvonne has been an advocate for Positive Women for over 2 years and has helped to raise funds and awareness of the charity's mission. Yvonne is passionate about Education, Entrepreneurship and Women in an international Development context and she is also a little bit in love with the people of Swaziland.

Sean Douglas ( Communications )

Sean has a wealth of experience. From directing his first broadcast TV show (Underground Soundz) at the tender age of 17, to working as a News cameraman throughout Europe and the Far East

Sean has worked across, sport, arts, documentary and live events and has recently been producing video content for the PR and corporate sectors.

Sean is now responsible for creating the great video content that you see on our website and YouTube Channel.

Laura Reaney ( Volunteer )

Laura is currently living in Oxford but originally from Derby, she studied at the University of Lincoln and went on to do a Masters at Strathclyde University qualifying to become a Full time Forensic Biologist. She is now employed as a full time casework examiner at one of the largest Forensic Providers in the UK, with offices in the USA and across Europe. She is a specialist in the examination of serious and major crime including murder and sexual assaults.

Although she often works long and unsociable hours, in her spare time, she is actively involved in various charitable foundations on a voluntary basis and also enjoys playing several musical instruments, watching films, reading, and general exercise and socialising with family and friends.

Jilly ( International Volunteer Co-ordinator )

Jilly McClelland is from Cleveleys, Lancashire. She gained her BA (Hons) in Organisational Studies with American Studies from UCLAN and then continued her Education in the USA. Upon returning home Jilly gained employment as both a manager and an area manager for large Blue Chip Retailers, before deciding to start her own business. Jilly is currently Creative Director of Little Misfits UK ( which produces bespoke clothing and accessories, and which more importantly designs and manufactures Official Positive Women Merchandise. In her free time, Jilly is an avid reader, writer and dog walker.

Jill ( International Volunteer Co-ordinator )

Jill Haworth is from St. Annes On Sea, Lancashire. She gained her degree at UCLAN and is a trained Graphic Designer and teacher. Jill taught High School Art and Design for over a decade, but has now retired due to ill health. She spends her time 'making things look pretty' and is a creative consultant to Little Misfits UK ( In her free time, Jill is an avid reader, and artist/designer and a proud mum of one to Susie who is a trainee Paediatric Nurse at Great Ormond St.