Top 7 Local Foods in Singapore, You Must Try

Singapore is a place where you can food dishes with Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, and Indonesian influences. It’s all worth to taste it if you are planning to visit Singapore. Here is the top of the local foods from the food centers and houses in Singapore!

  1. The Pork Rib Soup a.k.a BakKutTeh

This ancient recipe for Singaporean food comes with a story to tell about its creation. It was made out of poverty maker who wanted to render help to the starving beggar. Originally, this dish was made from meat bones leftover and through time Singaporean cook had made a little twist on it. With some herbs and pepper, you get a mild soup that now is famous for some variations.

  1. The Wanton Mee

Considering the rich cultural heritage of Singapore, it is not surprising that they also had a version of wanton mee from Hong Kong. This is a noodle soup with sweet sauce and some dumplings. This can be served spicy hot and good during the rainy season but if you had kids and not accustomed to the spicy hot taste, you make a preference. The best stalls for wanton mee dishes can be found on the Lavender Food Square!

  1. The Fried Carrot Cake With Eggs

You may confuse this with some of the desserts from the Western countries but in Singapore, this made from the white radish. The food name takes the word “carrot” because the white radish looks similar to the carrot in white color. They also had the black variation of this with molasses sauces and usually, it is cut in individual servings.

  1. The Dian Xian

This is also called dim sum, which is the typical Chinese food. This local food does not consist of one dish, but a combination of small dishes and serve in groups such as the xiao long bao or Siew Mai.

  1. The Singaporean Breakfast Kaya Toast With Soft-Boiled Egg

This is a toasted slice of grilled bread in butter, a typical breakfast of most families in Singapore. Though there are variations and twist with this breakfast food, you will really appreciate it because it is super fast to prepare which only takes few minutes. This breakfast food is offered in over thirty branches of Ya Kun.

  1. Chili And Pepper Crabs

If you want something yummy, crabs that Singapore are proud to present with a tourist like you, along with some buns and dips, they can tell that you are looking for the chili and pepper crabs. The crabs are first boiled then fried in order to make a yummy texture and this food may also come in salted or bee hoon style.

  1. The Curry And AsamLaksa

Coming from the Peranakan, this combination of Malaysian and Chinese cuisine was the origin of laksa. It comes in noodles, fish, broth and other variants but because some food stalls wanted to cut the cost of preparation, some may offer in cockles or in shrimp too but all of them are tasty and delicious on its own way.

There are still so much local food and dishes that are still not enlisted here. If you have the chance, it is best to have a try of them too!

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